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We believe in collaborative and supportive team work to create beautiful, low carbon buildings that address climate emergency and influence others.

Stage-4 Job Architect


enbee is looking for a responsible and committed Stage-4 job runner with construction drawing package experience who will be able to work remotely at specific times (1-2 weeks per month). Ideal for someone looking for flexible, part-time work and who is proactive, organised and with enough experience to be able to work independently. Please read required skills and qualifications in the relevant section below


enbee architecture + design is an architectural practice located in Herne Hill, South East London. We started enbee with the vision to create beautiful, well-designed, low-carbon buildings that address the climate emergency and influence others. At enbee architecture we are passionate about combining aesthetic design with the most up-to-date practices in environmental architecture – reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort levels through the responsible application of low-energy retrofit measures. These are tackled through a fabric-first approach: insulating ground floors, external walls and roofs; reducing heat loss through windows; sealing up air gaps and controlling the ventilation; installing the latest energy-efficient heating system and controls; and the application of renewables e.g. solar panels, solar water heaters etc. All this is combined with reusing existing materials and using low-carbon building materials where possible. We value: -Excellence in creativity and design -Sustainability and low-carbon emissions through the whole process -Acknowledgement of the emergency of addressing climate change and being proactive in tackling it -Collaborative and supportive team work -etc


The right person must be proactive, organised and be able to work independently. Essential: -Part II Architectural Assistant or Architectural Technician -Two years minimum experience in construction drawing packages -Strong design and technical skills -Vectorworks skills -Excellent communication and presentation skills Preferable: -Experience in retrofitting jobs. -Part III Architect


Salary and benefits package will be commensurate with experience and the nature of the role.


October 2022


Please send your CV and a cover letter with reasons why you would like to join us and outline your salary expectations, along with a selection of your work as a PDF

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