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You are ready to realise your dreams and some of the statements below apply to you.


- You have bought a new home.

- Your family is growing or shrinking as kids leave for university.

- You want to re-organise your home to work better for you.

- You would like to have designs that reflect who you are.

- You want to make your home cosy, warm and draft free.

- You have a genuine interest in the environmental impact of building projects.

- You love the idea of being ahead of the curve by incorporating some of the latest innovative building materials.

- You have a wish that your project could have an influence for good and set an example.


Now, you might have a few concerns too.

- You want to be sure that you work with an architect who gets where you are coming from.

- You want your architect to maintain enthusiasm and focus for the duration of the project.

- You aren't sure how long it will all take so guidance on this will be helpful.

- Advice on how to manage the budget is naturally essential.

- Clear communication of what to expect and management of risks is important to you. 

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Answer 15 questions to find out if you are RETROFIT READY and we’ll send you a personalised report.



Take a look at our STARTER SERVICES to give you an overview of what we can do for you

The world is changing fast and a new sustainable world is being created. The building industry is in a transformative phase. At enbee, we like to position your project at the forefront of this change by selecting low-carbon and innovative materials as well as construction techniques that enable you to build responsibly. Our current projects range from £200K to over £1M.

This is an exciting time, full of possibilities, why not get in touch:



Watch Natalie Black as she tells us how starting with a derelict building in Muswell Hill was ideal for a deep retrofit project because "it had to be stripped back, right to brick and stud work inside the building and that's a great way to start when you're doing retrofitting, you're starting with the structure."


Muswell Hill Low-Carbon House, N10

We were lucky to be introduced to Natalie Black of Enbee Architecture and Design, a specialist with expertise in low-energy retrofitting - a phrase we’d not heard before speaking with her. It was clear from the first call that Natalie understood what we were looking for and could pull together all the aspects of the project. We spoke for nearly an hour about things like lime plaster, cold bridges, airtightness and heat pumps.

The client wishes to remain anonymous. Muswell Hill Low-Carbon House, London N10

Whole House Retrofit, includes a new basement, ground floor extension, and top floor extension all extensively insulated with natural materials along with the existing building. Air source heat pump, solar panels, and MVHR.


Floor area 250m2

90% energy consumption reduction anticipated.

Completed February 2023

Oakbank Loft, concept sketch

We do want a great product, which is why you are involved.

Matt Fox

We are extremely happy with our loft conversion designed by Natalie Black of Enbee Architecture and Design. We are so impressed by how well insulated it is, in the freezing weather this winter, there was not much need to put the heating on as it was so warm and cosy, even first thing in the morning."


Nicola Fox, Oakbank Low-Carbon Loft, London SE24

Completed November 2022

Pink House kitchen cupboards, SE24
Rouse White House, SE21

"Thanks to enbee for helping us to see the potential for our home. They were able to make brilliant suggestions for space and storage solutions that we would never have thought of. They are friendly and approachable, and we'd recommend enbee for anyone thinking about extending their home."

 Throughout the process, Natalie provided us with excellent design suggestions and build advice, and she continues with a supportive role beyond the completion of the work. Her expertise was invaluable when it came to seeing the full potential of our house, including design ideas that saved us space and money. We would fully recommend Natalie’s services to anyone who wants a thoughtful and friendly expert to help them get the most from their home. 

Clare Watkins, Pink House, London SE24

Completed February 2020

“I have really enjoyed working with Natalie on a project to make my Dulwich house a lifetime home. She is particularly good at sourcing materials and design solutions that ensure that the changes to the house not only work for me but for the wider environment too.“

Genie Turton, Rouse White House, London SE22

Completed July 2021

Featured 2018

DMI 2020 Badge
Elmar House, N15
Ferndene Road Retrofit, SE24

"We’ve managed to survive a challenging time for any family, but we’ve come through unscathed thanks to the support from enbee. Natalie has practically become a member of the family and we’ll miss her time and support when it’s all ended. We can’t have imagined getting such a good service and have been proud to recommend enbee to everyone we’ve spoken to."

Ben Fowler,

Elmar House, London N15

DMI 2018 Badge

"We tested out the complexity of whole-house retrofit at our own home to directly assess the impact and the difference the measures have made to us. 154m2 floor area and a modest budget of a little under £2000/m2. We used wood fibre insulation, lime plasters, and triple glazing all to enhance the existing fabric together with new efficient boiler and controls minimising the energy use of the building. We complemented this by using low VOC materials such as lime paints, natural fibre carpets, a natural hard-wax oil for the floors and reused materials where possible. In the end, we have reduced our bills by around 70%."


Natalie Black,

Low-Energy Retrofit, B-House, London SE24


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