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enbee architecture + design is an architectural practice located in Herne Hill, South East London.

At enbee, design and performance are equally important – reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort levels through the responsible application of low-energy retrofit measures. These are tackled through a fabric-first approach: insulating ground floors, external walls and roofs; reducing heat loss through windows; sealing up air gaps and controlling the ventilation; installing the latest energy-efficient heating system and controls; and the application of renewables e.g. solar panels, solar water heaters etc. All this is combined with reusing existing materials and using low-carbon building materials where possible.


enbee architecture + design was set up by Natalie Black in 2014. She gained experience working in a number of design-led architectural offices including AEM, Reading and West Architects, and Allies and Morrison Architects. While living in Jamaica for a few years between 2005-2007, Natalie set up enbee design, a furniture design company, which used local materials to produce hand made furniture on the island. 


To build responsibly for people and planet.

Designed for you, built fit for the future.


We retrofit and build with natural materials to:

- lower your energy consumption by 60-95%,

- improve your quality of life and well-being,

- give you greatly improved indoor air quality,

- for positive environmental impact.


Natalie Black, Founder

COLLABORATING WITH OTHERS to deliver larger projects
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Johanna Ahrberg-Jackson
Paul Forster
Thomas Denhof
Trix Tanzanella


Claire Priest
Tomasz Gorawski



We provide a full set of architectural services that take your home from concept, through the design phase, all necessary legal and building control compliance, supervision of build, to the completed built project.  


These include:

-  investigating feasibility of requirements​

-  dwelling assessment for retrofit

-  developing design proposals​

-  applying for statutory approvals​

-  obtaining tenders for building work​

-  preparing construction information​

-  administering the building contract​​

-  retrofit co-ordination

In addition to this, we are passionate about and can provide:

-  3D sketches of key views

​-  interior design

-  furniture design



We have broken the process of building a project into a number of steps to guide you through to your completed project. Unsure about what is involved? Take a look at our step-by-step guide here.

Want to know more about how to go about your project. Why not meet with us? We have a Getting Started Package designed to test out your ideas. 
Natalie Black of Enbee Architecturre and Design Radio Interview

Learn more about Natalie by listening to this radio interview.

More about our latest projects and events

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