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Low-carbon measures include:

The existing house is retrofitted using a combination of diathonite, woodfibre insulation and lime plaster. Ceilings to the top floor are lined with wood-wool plasterboard alternative and lime plastered. The rear wall is rebuilt in timber-frame and full-filled with flexible woodfibre overlaid with a solid woodfibre board. The top of the extension is built from a timber-framed full-filled and lined with woodfibre.  

Our favourite low-carbon material:

All the plant-based materials because they lock the carbon they took out of the atmosphere when they grew for the duration of their life within the building.

Retrofit measures include:

All the insulation measures above are combined with an air-source heat pump, solar panels, and an MHVR ventilation system. The airtightness layer is a combination of the diathonite layer, Smartply OSB and airtightness tapes. 



What we love about this project:

This project is an adventure in retrofit possibilities. Starting with a wreck and with an equally passionate client, we have been able to explore, research and innovate to achieve the lowest carbon solutions we could find. With a whole-house responsible retrofit, three extensions, low-energy heating solutions including heat pump, MVHR, and solar panels, a sustainable interior with low to zero-emission materials and finishes, topped with an eco garden, this project has it all. We collaborated with Johanna Ahrberg-Jackson of Ahrberg Jackson Design to deliver this project. Enbee dealt with the envelope, and all areas visible from the outside which included the design of the elevations, and the ground and roof extensions as well as overseeing the coordination of the job, and the assembling of much of the team from post-pre-app to completion.

Our favourite design element of this job:

Difficult to choose, but for now; the extension.


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