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Retrofit Strategy Service

From £1800*

*Prices vary according to size and complexity of your project.


  • We send you a questionnaire and discuss your answers with you on-site or online.

  • We visit your property to do our retrofit assessment information gathering.

  • We survey the internal & external conditions of your home and assess potential areas of heat loss.

  • We take key photographs.

  • We review the current energy performance of your home and work out its current EPC rating.

  • We work out how energy-efficient your home can be.

  • We explore the effect of individual measures such as insulation, power supply/controls, solar panels etc.

  • We draw your options on plans and a section*** drawings of your property so you can see what is needed.

  • We explain your solution options in a concise report with drawings and recommendations.

  • Our reports list key measures to take your home up to higher EPC ratings.

  • We give you an outline of the costs of the measures by providing the material/equipment and the installation costs.

  • We provide a condition survey to help you understand what you need to do to get your property retrofit-ready.

  • We meet with you or your other consultants to discuss and answer questions about our report findings giving our recommended next steps.

  • BONUS: We can give you a rough outline of our design costs to take your project from concept to completion.

    To learn more about what you get from our Retrofit Strategy Package see the process page here.

    *Prices vary according to the size and complexity of your project.

    ***If you do not have your home's survey drawings already; we can recommend someone to provide these for you.

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